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Our Next Event is LIVE !!!!

Don't miss out on the chance to hear from 2 of the most recognisable names in the country on all things football.

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About Us

Who are we

We are business professionals with over 25 years executive experience - and over 30 years football (some call it soccer) experience - including playing and coaching at Professional & Semi-Professional level here in Australia and also in Europe.  

James Boyle is an accomplished Global Leader, Senior Executive, Board Member & Executive Advisor, with a 25 year history and track record in delivering success in developing business strategies, and optimising short and long term solutions for businesses and organisations in multiple sectors.    A former professional youth soccer player in his youth in Scotland, James is a qualified coach in both Scotland and Australia, with over 30 years experience both playing and coaching at high levels in both countries.

.James Pennefather is a Senior Executive within the IT industry.   Operating as a Director of a Gartner placed IT firm, and with over 30 years experience in business strategy, training and delivering solutions, James has provided world renowned organisations with the benefit of his experience.  

What do we do

The Football Business Network is a platform for like minded executives who have a passion for the round ball game to come together.  Whether this is to look at business opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, discuss ideas with club TD's & Presidents - or just a place to socialise and talk all things football - The Football Business Network is there for you as your outlet from the daily executive life you lead.

Our love of football is at the heart of everything we do.  


We host regular get togethers to talk about the game, and bring influential speakers from the game we love to you.  

You never know - you may also make that next big business deal as well !